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  • Paula Simmons

Collecting Moments

A Spontaneous Journey Into The Unknown

Two souls and a road ahead, thirsty for adventure. No obstacle could get in the way, an inner knowing that we were in for a ride of teaching affairs. Excitement in the air. The thrilling taste of new experiences. A celebration of movement, of travel. The pleasurable feeling of being alive and free. Each moment, it’s own melody. The views of the tropical mountains enthralling us breathlessly.

The biggest lessons in the journey, are the difficulties. The speed bumps that show up unexpectedly. The external circumstances forcing us to observe inwardly. Life presents us with trials, testing our commitment to peace, exploring our flexibility. Will you react to threat, or will you respond calmly, consciously?

We arrived at our destination, after a longer drive than expected. Jungle canopy, ocean breeze, empty beach. This was like something out of a dream. We parked the camper-van, opened up the back doors and felt like home instantly. A perfect view of the waves, just steps away from our new front yard, down a trail through the trees. I could get used to this, let’s stay forever we said, only somewhat jokingly.

Hearing the waves from bed, waking up in the morning with ease. Elated, excited for the day ahead. The music of the jungle sounds, while making coffee. Our little mobile home providing us with everything we need, such liberty. Satisfying my deep yearning for simplicity. In life, we complicate things, reach for way more than we need. When a lot of the time, all it really is, is a bed to sleep, some food and water, a friend, nature and movement of our energy. Van life, what a fantasy. Back to basics, feet on the muddy earth, the forest reminding me of my truth, feeling clarity. Inspiration flowing, visions for the future, planting seeds. A life of creating each day as it comes. Take a left, take a right, go on instinct, feel it out. The freedom, the mobility.

We enter the ocean. Paddling out, we’re the only ones in the line up. Perfect waves, turtles swimming by. My jaw drops; deep breath, I feel i’m in a movie scene. The morning light, the colors of the clouds and the sea. The smiles on our faces, savoring the moments joyfully. However we ended up here, let’s keep this vibe going continuously. Let us exist in the presence, live spontaneously.

We made new friends in the surf. We laughed, we cheered, the stoke of living lightly. Not taking life too seriously. Like little kids again, eager to live, fully and fearlessly. The bonds created through connection to the water. Uplifting each other, riding waves, sharing the fun of becoming one with the ocean, creating community. Releasing the illusion of separation, feeling the true calling of living in unity.

We didn’t know what to expect, we followed a feeling, our hungry hearts wanted the journey. There’s always risk involved when choosing to live courageously. You might bare your soul, things might go wrong, opening up to vulnerability. Pushing through fears and difficulty.

But I believe we didn’t come here to live safely. We came for the adventure, to live passionately, dangerously. To go for it, choose uncertainty, for a chance at the dream. To understand your endless possibilities. It’s the excitement, the rush of living free. Anything could happen, it’s the point of the journey. It’s not about where we end up, it’s the instants passing us by, collecting moments, making memories.

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